Timothy Murphy, ganador de un contrato senior CONEX se incorpora al Gidyj

Timothy Murphy

Timothy Murphy is a law graduate of University College Cork (BCL) and the University of Warwick (LLM). He completed his PhD in theology at St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland. He has previously held law faculty positions in the UK, France, Ireland, India and Iceland, and he is currently a Visiting Professor of Law at Universiti Utara Malaysia (the University of Northern Malaysia). He is the co-author (with Garrett Barden) of Law and Justice in Community (Oxford University Press, 2010); the editor of Western Jurisprudence (Thomson Round Hall, 2004); the co-editor (with Patrick Twomey) of Ireland’s Evolving Constitution, 1937-97: Collected Essays (Hart Publishing, 1998); and the author of Rethinking the War on Drugs in Ireland (Cork University Press, 1996). His main research interests are in jurisprudence and interdisciplinary legal studies. The title of his CONEX research project is “Reason as a Limit on the Authority of Law”.

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