Timothy Murphy

Tim Murphy


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CONEX–Marie Curie Research Fellow, Departamento de Derecho Internacional, Eclesiástico y Filosofía del Derecho, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid



Timothy Murphy is a law graduate of University College Cork (BCL, 1988) and the University of Warwick (LLM, 1989). In 2002 he completed his PhD in theology at St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth, Ireland. He has held law faculty positions at universities in the UK, France, Ireland, Iceland and Malaysia.

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Tim Murphy
CONEX–Marie Curie Research Fellow
Departamento de Derecho Internacional, Eclesiástico y Filosofía del Derecho
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Calle Madrid, 126
28903 Getafe (Madrid)


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“Reason as a Limit on the Authority of Law”

This project addresses the relationship between authority and reason, specifically the limits on legal authority that may be constituted by forms of reason. The traditional concept of legal authority suggests that state laws by themselves bind citizens to obedience, which gives rise to a paradox when considered in light of practical rationality. If rationality requires that we act on the balance of the reasons of which we are aware, and if a state has authority only if it can require us to act in ways that may not accord with our interpretation of this balance, then the norm of civic obedience would seem to be at odds with a central principle of rationality. The project examines this paradox in relation not only to state law but also to non-state law, including customary law and transnational law.

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He is the co-author (with Garrett Barden) of Law and Justice in Community (Oxford University Press, 2010); the editor of Western Jurisprudence (Thomson Round Hall, 2004); the co- editor (with Patrick Twomey) of Ireland’s Evolving Constitution, 1937-97: Collected Essays (Hart Publishing, 1998); and the author of Rethinking the War on Drugs in Ireland (Cork University Press, 1996). His research interests are in the fields of jurisprudence and political philosophy and include legal pluralism, justice, the common good, and authority.

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