"If man fails to reconcile justice and freedom, then it fails to everything" Albert Camus



The Research Group on Law and Justice (GIDYJ) was formally established at the University Carlos III of Madrid in 2005, although its founding members have worked together since the early nineties. I

t is a multidisciplinary team of research that promotes both the theoretical and the transfer of the results obtained. Its activity has a clear international approach and proves an important experience in the articulation of networks generating beneficial synergies.

In their daily work it promotes numerous research projects and joints other thematic groups and individual research methodologies driven by its members. It also develops an extensive program of academic activities and supports different stable spaces for the generation and the dissemination of the knowledge. It incorporates young researchers within it work areas and maintains an internal balance according to the age, the gender and the experience of its members.

Finally, it should be noted that it provides professional counseling services and a social diffusion of the knowledge. The lines of work of the group focus on the following topics:

  • Culture of Lawfulness
  • Democracy and Good Governance
  • The Social Construction of Identity
  • Crisis of legal formalism


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